• Arrow Keys - Move
  • Z / Y - Bomb
  • X - Punch
  • Enter / Z / Y - Menu Confirm
  • ESC - Menu Cancel

Xbox 360 Controller

  • D-Pad / Left Stick - Move
  • A - Bomb
  • X - Punch
  • Start / A - Menu Confirm
  • B - Menu Cancel

Version Info

Current Version

2014/04/09 7:45 AM EDT - Added character art for all but Ryan. If I don't have more time to work on this on my flight or at the airport, I guess this is the "PAX build".

Older Versions

2014/04/09 7:45 AM EDT - Added basic player selection (still all Brads, need to add in others), win/lose conditions.

2014/04/07 5:00 AM EDT - Added title screen, Xbox controller support (a bit shaky in Flash release). Some work towards a player select screen, but this particular build just adds a Brad for every active controller on title screen (make sure you move stick or press a button or player won't be added). If Flash doesn't add controller players, just refresh and try again - I'll try to get this more robust but may opt for just doing Windows/Mac builds for the time being.

2014/04/05 6:00 AM EDT - Added "mad bomber" - after dying you rotate around playfield and can shoot bombs. Added punch mechanic (needs a sound effect and/or animation to give it impact).

2014/04/04 4:35 PM EDT - Basic throwing (needs more work/refinment - animation, timing, collision w/ players etc.)

2014/04/03 5:00 AM EDT - Added kicking, some sound/music. Slight bump of bomb fuse time up to 3 seconds.

2014/04/02 6:00 AM EDT - Added bomb+, range+, and speed+ items. Some minor refactoring in order to maintain proper z-order of sprites.

2014/04/01 12:45 AM EDT - Bomb shake animation and screen effects. Player death (still need to check accuracy of collisions).

2014/04/01 8:52 AM EDT - Level tilemap loading. Basic player movement and bomb mechanics.